Do I Have to Empty Out My House When I Sell It?

Selling a home can be a tedious process since it involves locating the right buyer. The best solution is to get a cash home buyer since it saves you the hassle. You also get a fair value for the property without incurring any extra costs from repairs. Each seller needs to know the right process when they wonder, “Can I sell my as-is home?”

A common question sellers ask is if they have to empty out their house when they sell it. This depends on the items in question. You should understand the as-is selling concept before putting your home on the market. Read on to learn what stays and what goes when selling a house as-is.

What Stays When Selling a House As-Is

Emptying out a home is subjective in the selling as-is concept. The existing house should include most of the functional items but exclude all the unwanted items. Below is an outline of the items to retain when selling a house as-is.

Draperies or Window Treatments

Chances are the house you are selling has custom curtain rods, which means the draperies will not fit in another house. The buyer might appreciate having the curtain rods if they are in great condition.

Window treatments are a great selling point for the house and tend to increase the home value. Whether it is window tint or shutters, you should leave them intact when selling the house. The next occupant will enjoy the benefits of such window treatments.

Safety Equipment

Everyone appreciates having a safe home for their family. This means you should leave all home-related safety equipment behind when selling the house.

Equipment like security systems, carbon monoxide monitors, and smoke alarms are useful for the next homeowner. Your efforts may save them some money since they don’t have to spend more on functional safety equipment.


Bathroom and kitchen fixtures are useful around the house, so you should leave them behind. Having functional fixtures will lower the buyer’s cost of replacing them. Abstain from removing fixtures like doorknobs, locks, and hinges.

Lighting fixtures such as bulbs, sockets, and switches should be left intact as well. They are pivotal for a safe connection around the home. The home buyer also saves some money since they can reuse most of them.

Items You and the Buyer Agree Upon

Whether selling the as-is home to a cash home buying company or an individual buyer, there are some items they might like to have. Agreeing on what you are selling alongside the house is essential. You can leave behind the items you and the buyer agree upon since they might find a better use.

What Items to Clear When Selling the House As-Is

A house laden with clutter can make buyers uninterested in the property. When selling an as-is home, there are some items you have to get rid of, including:

Free-Standing Appliances

Unless the appliances in your home are built-in, you should consider removing them. Many individuals deem selling the home as a perfect chance to get rid of an appliance they don’t like. That should not be the case unless you and the buyer agree to leave behind a particular appliance.

Personal Items

Any personal effects and clothes belong to you and should not be left behind when clearing items out. You should dispose of grooming equipment, lotions, and towels if you no longer use them. Leaving such items in the house causes excessive clutter, which can make the home unimpressive, hindering any prospective sales.

Personal belongings also include wall art and decorations. Should you choose to leave them behind as a gift for the new buyer, ask them beforehand.

Cupboard Contents

Some sellers forget to clear out cupboard content when moving out. Utensils and tools are part of your personal collection and you should clear them out when selling a home as-is. In most cases, these items will not match the new buyer’s taste, so it would help to get rid of them.

Leaving glass items in the cupboard can result in accidents for anyone coming to view the house. Removing them from the home is the safest way to avoid such accidents.


Your old couch does not belong in the as-is home when selling. Most buyers do not appreciate having furniture around, so it would be best to dispose of them.

There are exceptions to the furniture options you can leave behind — just ensure they’re ones that the buyer wants. Include all those in the sale contract since they are a good negotiating tool.

Cash Offer as I Sell My As-Is Home

When you sell your as-is home, it is vital to consider clearing out unnecessary items. A cash home buyer company will help you access a cash offer for the as-is home. You will sell the house fast without worrying about completing repairs.

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