We understand that selling your home for cash is a big decision. Below are answers to common questions that homeowners ask during this process. Please contact us if you have any questions!

GTG Buys Homes provides solutions to homeowners who need to quickly sell their house. We buy as-is properties at a fair price from homeowners in any situation in the Tacoma, Puyallup, and Lakewood areas, as well as across Pierce county!

This means we can buy your house in any condition without the hassle of renovating or completing repairs and you can leave behind anything that you don’t need. 

4 easy steps!
Step 1 – tell us about your property.
Step 2 – an informal walkthrough WITHOUT a 3rd party (no middle man).
Step 3 – present a fair cash offer.
Step 4 – we close at a local credible escrow company.

We use our own cash to write you a check for your property that eliminates the need for a bank or 3rd party approval. This is the fastest method for homeowners to sell their house.

Absolutely not! Our goal is to agree on a price that everyone is happy with. However, the decision on whether to sell your house is 100% your decision.

Absolutely not! Just like you, the decision on whether to buy your house is 100% our decision. That said, we want to buy your property at a price that’s fair for everyone.

GTG Buys Homes values honesty and transparency. We consider 5 factors when calculating an offer price that’s fair for both of us – 1) comps, 2) after repair value (ARV), 3) repair costs, 4) selling costs, and 5) minimum profit.

[fair offer price] = [after repair value] – [repair costs] – [selling costs] – [minimum profit] 

Learn more about our fair offer formula.

Comps are comparable houses with similar characteristics that were recently sold in the area to estimate value from renovations. They are also used to estimate the value of the property after renovations or the after repair value (ARV).

The estimated value of a house AFTER we buy and renovate the property. Comps are used to estimate the ARV.

The estimated costs for renovating a property really depends on its condition. Some of the houses that we’ve purchased needed light rehab, while others required a full renovation.

We pay ~10% of the ARV for agent fees, closing costs, taxes, and holding costs.

GTG Buys Homes is a business after all so we need to make a profit in order to stay in business. That said, the profit needs to be worth the risk in case we can’t sell the property or find a tenant. Our target profit is usually ~10% of the ARV. 

It can close as fast as 7 days OR on your schedule. We offer flexibility and will NOT pressure you to close by a certain date.

You would receive your funds as soon as the deal closes. If the deal closes in 7 days, then you would receive a check in 7 days.

Zero. No hidden fees. No commissions. No closing costs. No hassles.

We can buy directly from  the homeowner (you). On the other hand, a realtor will list your property on the MLS to sell it on your behalf. This option includes commission/fees, closing costs, an inspection, an appraisal, and can take 30-60 days to close. Learn more.

1) You could do the repairs yourself, get your home retail ready, and then list it on the market with a real estate agent OR 2) you can accept our fair cash offer. It’s like trading in a used car vs. selling it privately. You get less when you trade in the car because there’s less hassle and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or cleanliness. The same goes for selling your house to us. We’ll buy your property at a discounted price because we eliminate the stress of preparing your home for the retail market.

Yes. You have the option of taking the essentials when you move out or take nothing and leave everything.

Yes. We can buy your home with the tenant still occupying the property.


Yes. We can close as fast as 7 days.

Yes. We will make an offer subject to the completion of the probate.

Yes. We can still buy your house, but you may need to compensate your agent according to the terms of your agreement.