How Long Does It Take to Close on a Cash Offer on a House?

Your house is one of your largest assets. But if you are facing financial troubles, it can be a burden. If you need fast cash, a quick house sell for cash might be your best option. GTG Buys Homes will buy your home as-is, so you do not have to worry about repairs or renovations.

How long does it take to close on a cash offer on a house?

What Is a Cash Offer?

A cash offer is an offer made by GTG Buys Homes that pays you in full at closing. Homeowners do not need to go through the lengthy process of selling their house through traditional methods like listing with an agent. With GTG Buys Homes, we will purchase your home directly from you without going through any other parties like banks or mortgage companies.

You can make a quick house sale for cash and get the money you need. We just need you to complete some basic paperwork, but each step of the process is straightforward and designed to help you sell fast.

Why a Quick House Sell?

You might be looking for fast cash to move, handle an emergency, or invest in the market changes. If you are willing to accept a cash offer, you can make a quick house sale and close on your property within seven days with GTG Buys Homes. A cash offer is the fastest option because it does not depend on third-party approval like a loan or mortgage.

Why Use Our Quick House Sell Process 

GTG Buys Homes makes it easy to get a cash offer on a house and close quickly with our fast home sale process. We buy homes in any condition, so you do not have to worry about cleaning up the property or making any repairs or improvements before selling it. All we need is an address and some basic information about the property. We will look at the house and make an offer within 24 hours if we like what we see! 

How to Make a Fast Sale

Those who are wanting to make a fast sale on a short timeline can review their property to see if it is in good condition. GTG Buys Homes will help you through the entire process of getting your house ready for sale. We will also help you:

•    Sell your house as-is so that you can walk away from any repairs or maintenance
•    Get the best price possible for your home by using our proprietary pricing technology
•    Remove any contingencies that may delay the closing process
•    Close quickly and efficiently with no need for any third-party approvals

How Long Does It Take To Close a Cash Offer On The House?

GTG Buys Homes can close in 7 business days. When you accept our cash offer, we will pay for all closing costs. We can even pay off any liens against your property. There will be no delays, no hassle, and no need for a third-party to mediate the process. Our main goal is to offer relief to those looking to sell their home as-is.

Factors Included in the Offer Process

When we buy a house for cash, we evaluate the property’s location, condition, and value for a fair offer. We also factor in repairs, renovations, and other costs into our final offer price for your home. GTG Buys Homes offers an immediate closing option for sellers wanting to move and get their money quickly.

Complete Paperwork and Close on the Sale

We will schedule a closing date and meet at a local escrow company to finalize the sale transaction once you accept the cash offer. Property owners just need to sign all required documents, including a deed that transfers ownership rights in the property from you to GTG Buys Homes. You will recieve your funds as soon as the sale transaction is complete. If the deal closes in seven days, then you will receive a check in seven days. We will take possession of the property immediately after closing unless otherwise negotiated.

Sell Your Home Today

If you are looking for a quick house sell, consider GTG Buys Homes. We are a local, family-owned company in Pierce County and our goal is to create top quality housing. When you sell asi-is to us, there are no closing costs, no real estate fees, and no hassle. Homeowners can be sure of excellent and fair offers, and we will help expedite the process. Reach out, and let us help you sell your house reasonably priced, fast, and efficiently.

To get started on the as-is sale process, simply fill out our form or give us a call. We will answer any questions you may have. We will also discuss how much money we can offer for your house based on its condition and size. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible.